Southem overview

Trade and Media Services Ltd is the company behind southem™. TMS is based in New Zealand and has as its goals providing a link between the northern and southern hemispheres and helping to create a forum for communications within the countries and companies of the South. TMS is an independent company and as such it is not driven by a particular sector agency, institute or interest group; i.e. no underlying agenda apart from the decimination of news and services. Our key strategy is to increase the participation of subscribers, viewers and readers in southem activities. Key elements you can take advantage of are news, services and sales as well as vida! the life, sports and leisure activities of the southern hemisphere.

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Director’s Message
Hi and hola from the southern hemisphere. Living at the bottom of planet Earth as we do we are very aware that the world does not revolve around us. The seats of political, financial and cultural power have been in the North. This distance from the centres of power has often been seen as a disadvantage but world events have increasingly made the North more and more outward looking. This has seen an increasing search for investment opportunities, new suppliers and new markets in the South, leading inevitably to the development of new political, trade and cultural ties.  At the same time, the countries and the companies of the South have seen advantages of developing closer relationships between each other. In this dynamic period of transition, we see southem playing an important role as a facilitator between the North and the South and a catalyst in the southern hemisphere. At all times, we welcome your ideas, creativity and feedback. So please feel free to contact me at any time.

Mike Smith

Mission Statement

To create better understanding and improve the trade between the northern and southern hemispheres and between the countries of the South.

Company Background

Trade and Media Services Ltd was established in 1994, first establishing the Southern Hemisphere Forest Industry Journal and then the Southern Hemisphere Forest Industry Yearbook. The first online presence was through the North American web site forestweb and then through our dedicated and then through, which was an extension of the successful southem online newsletter. Our publications have continued to develop and we have added new services, such as regularly news updates.